Real human holograms for augmented, virtual and mixed reality

Create, distribute and experience volumetric video of real people that look and feel as if they’re in the same room.

A developer preview is now available for our mobile SDK! Visit Developers to get started.

Human content and communication in the immersive era
For the first time in the history of media and communication, we can interact with human holograms in the world around us thanks to advances in immersive computing. Display technology for VR and AR now enables 6-degrees of freedom, but for immersive computing to become mainstream, a vast amount of volumetric content needs to be created in an easy and scalable way.
Mom and Baby Technology
From capture and creation to distribution and playback
Our technology provides a scalable way to create 3D holograms of real people, and distribute those holograms to as many people as possible by making them accessible on any device or platform.
Play it anywhere
Mobile + Augmented Reality
Mobile + Augmented Reality

Create a broad range of AR applications featuring real human holograms for iOS with ARKit and Android with ARCore, as well as Augmented Reality glasses and headsets.

Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality

Give audiences unprecedented sense of presence and emotional connection with human holograms on a range of headsets, using Unity or Unreal.


Expand your reach and invent new use cases for volumetric video through an embeddable web player.

New Developer Tools
Easily integrate holograms into any AR app or VR experience with our new mobile SDK and plugins.
The Verge Article
The Verge
Are holograms the future of how we capture memories?

Explore 8i's vision into what holograms can offer for people's memories.

Viacom Article
V by Viacom
One Giant Leap for Fankind

A look into the partnership between Viacom Velocity and 8i for their collaboration for the VMAs.

Mashable Article
Download this: Holos AR app puts holograms into the world around you

Holo with ARKit is here, bringing volumetric human holograms to the masses on the iPhone

8i Blog Article
8i Blog
Holo with ARKit is here

Millions can now access and experience truly volumetric video of real people in Augmented Reality on iOS 11.

Vice Motherboard Article
Vice Motherboard
‘Holo’ Is a Dumb New Augmented Reality App That You Should Get

Startups Aim to Ride Apple’s Augmented-Reality Coattails

Wall Stree Journal Article
Wall Street Journal
Startups Aim to Ride Apple’s Augmented-Reality Coattails

8i capitalizes on the new technological capabilities of iOS 11 to expand use of augmented reality content.

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