Immersive Shopping Delivers More Personal Engagement Than Ever Before Possible

Shopping Is Becoming Immersive

Since the early 2000s, online shopping has become a serious contender in commerce. 2020’s Global Pandemic pushed consumers online at unprecedented levels, resulting in a 77% e-commerce transaction increase. People are exponentially more comfortable swiping through options on their devices, so make it easier for them to experience your inventory with the use of 3D holograms. Eradicate 2D shopping experiences and enable your customers to see how clothing fits, furniture looks, apartments feel, and more in 3D and VR.

Why Commerce in AR + VR is Better

Fully immersive training delivers better results according to every important metric. 

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Use Cases for VR + AR in Commerce

Use VR + AR to tell your product’s unique story and to create memorable customer experiences and. 


Reshape the way you engage with your customers in-store by turning QR codes into dynamic AR experiences.


Use AR to make it easier for customers to visualize how your products look, feel, and fit from anywhere in the world.

Upgrade your home workouts by perfecting new skills from professionals who appear to be right there with you.

Use holograms to get a closer and clearer look, helping you learn, practice, and perfect the newest makeup trends.


Keep up with your favorite designers and always stay on top of fashion trends by bringing the runway to you.


VR + AR offer an additional way for customers to view, sit in, and test-drive vehicles from anywhere they choose.

Client In Focus

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One of our missions is to reshape the future of retail. We’re impassioned to change how humans browse, shop, and communicate with retailers. That’s why we were thrilled to participate in Walmart’s Store Nº8 inaugural innovation gala — an event that exhibited how VR will shape retail shopping.

We teamed up with Bonobos, Walmart’s male clothing line, in a way that gave shoppers an opportunity to interact with a Bonobos Guide, select virtual shirts from a rack to understand fit on a 3D hologram model. This technology will allow customers do the very same from anywhere in the world!

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