All the Hardware + Software You Need to Capture Holograms

The Scaffold

The Scaffold is the center structure of the 8i capture stage, empowering anyone to capture holograms in their own space. It’s designed to be flexible and configurable to fit a multitude of spaces and use cases while remaining completely sturdy and rugged. To learn more about different common configurations visit our ASPX Hologram Stage page.

Stable Construction

Green Screen Package Included

Easily Deployable

Flexible Configuration

Universal Component Design

The Cameras

Our hologram stages utilize the industry’s best-in-class computer vision cameras to capture the action, available in 2k or 4k. Our camera packages include all the features you need to synchronize 24 to 60 cameras into volumetric video including a high-speed imaging CoaXPress interface, sync boxes, and global shutter features to keep multiple cameras perfectly orchestrated and a variety of lenses and features to ensure you capture the perfect shot.


Premium Computer Vision Cameras

2K - 4K / 30- 60 FPS

CoaXPress / GigE Interface Support

Global Shutter

Configurable Lens Package

Custom A/V Sync Box

The Lighting

The 8i Stage includes the ARRI SkyPanel, which is widely regarded for its powerful output and massive light aperture. This LED soft light range is chalked full of incredible features including full color control, lighting effects, a wireless DMX built in, a unique carbon fiber yoke, and much more. This lighting setup is perfect to make sure you capture flawless, flattering, and perfectly lit shots.

Volumetric Video Capture Stage

ARRI SkyPanel (S120-C, S60-C)

High Quality Soft Light LEDs

DMX Compatible

Automatic Color Matching

WiFi Enabled

iPad App Lighting Controls

The Computers

From Supermicro Server Blades intended specifically for render and capture, to NAS (Network Access Storage) that enables easy storage and data retrieval, our computer software provides you with the industry’s best tools to help you capture your holograms.
8i Computer Systems

Supermicro Server Blades

Fortigate Firewall Security

10G Network Switches

Nvidia GPUs Included

Network Access Storage (NAS)

Over The Air Software Updates

The Recording Software

Our proprietary software, ‘Gaia’, makes it a breeze to record volumetric video, manage shots, and render no matter how many cameras you have in your array.  In Gaia’s user-friendly interface you can configure recording settings that include fast or slow motion capabilities, automated audio recording that synchronizes with time-coding, and much more. 

Plus laptop device
Gaia Editing Screenshot

User Friendly Interface

Automated Audio Recording

Bulk Software License Included

Configurable Capture Settings

Add-On Camera Options

Real-Time Live Feed Compatible

The Calibration Software

Use 8i’s Calibration Software and Calibration Board to perfectly synchronize cameras and colors with real-time dot detection + sub-pixel accuracy. Our calibration technology is powerful, precise, and requires zero manual interaction or cleanup.

Calibration Board on 8i Capture Stage

Automatic Color Calibration

Sub-Pixel Resolution

Real-Time Dot Detection Feedback

Real-Life Scaling

Automated Interaction Solution

8i Calibration Board Included

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Best In Class Hardware Partners

Best In Class Hardware Partners

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