Create + Stream Immersive Experiences With Your Holograms to any Device, Browser, or VR/AR Headset


A turnkey system that allows you to easily manage and publish your hologram assets. We support both Video-on-Demand and Real-Time Holograms, digital rights management, easily consumable links, and swift CDN integration. 

Plus laptop device
Volumetric Video Publishing Screen

Manage All Your Hologram Assets

Create Shareable Links

Scalable CDN Distribution

Supports VOD + Real-Time

Viewer Analytics / User Management

Built-In Encryption


8i’s user-friendly editing software empowers you to create and customize immersive presentations with your hologram content. Inside our software you can edit, manage, and sequence 3D assets on a timeline to create captivating scenes. Our platform also directly integrates with Unity, Unreal, and 8th Wall, making it easy to bring your hologram assets into both native and WebXR experiences. 

Build Immersive Presentations

Integrate 3D Assets

Translate, Rotate, + Scale Objects

Built on A-Frame

Cloud Hosted

Supports Audio, Video, + 3D Formats

Integrated With

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Once your hologram is complete, you should be able to share it with any and everyone, no matter where they are. That’s why we’ve included presentation and encryption tools to help you securely stream your new hologram, without requiring users to any device, without needing to download an app.

Stream Holograms via Browser on any Device or Headset

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