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Why 8i?

We are a team of builders and dreamers, fascinated by the potential of emerging technology to positively impact the world. Our team is comprised of software engineers, machine learning and computer vision experts, 3D artists, content creators, VR + AR enthusiasts, seasoned operations and marketing professionals, and technology entrepreneurs. We are humbled by the challenge, and relentless in our mission to improve the way society lives, learns, works, and plays.

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Technical Support Engineer

Wellington, NZ

Full Stack Web Developer

Chicago, IL

What Our Employees Say

"Working at 8i is such a breath of fresh air! The culture is incomparable and it’s rare to be surrounded by humans who are as collaborative and altruistic as they are brilliant".
8i Employee Destiny Nunley Headshot
Destiny Nunley
Marketing Specialist
"8i's volumetric capture suite is exciting and engaging to work on, each solution building upon the last to create the best product possible."
8i Employee Patrick Savill Headshot
Patrick Savill
Product Leader
"8i has created an amazing atmosphere where we can solve complex problems while having a bit of fun. This is what makes us a leader in the volumetric capture space."
8i Employee Kiran Vekaria Headshot
Kiran Vekaria
Sr. Software Engineer

Life at 8i

Buzz Ride
8i CEO Hayes Mackaman on a Volumetric Video Capture Stage

At 8i our day to day work is meaningful, fun, fascinating, and challenging. We are grateful to work with incredibly talented and friendly coworkers, to solve important problems, to constantly be brainstorming compelling ideas, and to regularly celebrate our wins. Oh…and we get to make holograms for a living.

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