The Complete Tech Stack to Reconstruct, Compress, and Edit Your Volumetric Video


8i’s system enables blazing fast reconstruction of multiple video sources using proprietary machine learning, ultra fast depth solves, and CG technology. Extendable with any number of GPUs and using a photogrammetry approach that ensures accurate reconstruction of humans, animals, and props, our system requires zero manual intervention so that you experience fully hands-free reconstruction.

Volumetric video fusion / reconstruction - Woman in dress-min

Temporal Alignment

Color Calibrated Outputs

Machine Learning Segmentation

Efficient Subpixel Refinement

Optimized & Lossless Pipeline


8i’s industry leading 1000x compression of volumetric video utilizes proprietary machine learning, enabling the highest quality, real-time encoding every time.

High Fidelity Compression

Easily Integratable

Consistent Bitrates

Mesh Based Outputs

Automated Encoding

Audio Trimmed + Encoded


8i’s software directly integrates with industry standard 3D tools like Maya to empower you to edit and manipulate your hologram performance. 

FBX and GLTF Mesh Outputs

Retargeted Animation

Manipulate Texture + Geometry

Supports Maya Editing Workflow


Photorealistic Scale Assets

Integrate with Top 3D Editing Tools


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