Immersive Performances With Holograms Means That Concerts, Film, and Sports Will Never Be The Same

Everyone Gets A Front Row Seat

There’s nothing quite like experiencing a performance in person. The sounds of the crowd cheering at their favorite number, the atmosphere of the arena, and the swell of energy of the performers and fans all elevate the in-person feeling of watching your favorite artist(s) do what they do best. 8i’s real-time technology allows our customers to experience just that from the safety of their homes. We believe in a world where everyone gets the good seats.

Why Entertainment with Holograms is Better

Empower your audience to watch stunning performances up close and personal, from any angle, no matter where they are in the world. 

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Immersive Entertainment In Action

Holograms will forever change how we experience performance, gaming, and social media.


Meet and interact with your favorite sports heroes like you never imagined using the power of holograms.


Feel like you’re in the front row, or even on stage, during your favorite artist’s fully immersive performance.


Use AR +VR to gain unique access to your favorite performances and take advantage of 360 views to learn the latest moves.

Redefine how you watch films with the use of AR + VR and take a journey with the actors to feel like you’re a part of the story.

Transform how you game in fully immersive worlds with actual people, not avatars, for a truly realistic gaming experience.


Make your social media come to life by enabling your followers to interact with your content like never before.

Client In Focus

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Justin Timberlake Radical Media AmEx AR Experience on Iphone

Dedicated to deliver unbelievable experiences to everyone, we partnered with American Express and Radical Media to bring Justin Timberlake in a first of its kind experience where viewers can explore the immersive world of his song “Breeze off the Pond” – all from the comfort of their home.

In case you didn’t get a chance to witness Justin’s outdoor-themed Man Of The Woods Tour in person, he officially brought the woods to fans everywhere in what we called ‘Outside In’. With this use of mixed reality and spatial audio, Justin appears to come to life in AR (augmented reality) and participants can even browse & shop the exclusive Man of the Woods merchandize using their American Express Cards.

AMEX Justin Timberlake Outside In Title Card

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