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End-to-End Holograms

Everything you need to capture, transform, and stream volumetric video, aka holograms, forever reinventing how people will communicate, learn, shop, and play.



All the hardware + software you need to capture holograms including the stage, cameras, lights, cables, sync boxes, computers, proprietary calibration and recording software.

Bonobos Model on 8i Capture Stage
Bonobos Volumetric Video Model in Editing


Bleeding edge machine learning and computer vision software to fuse footage from up to 60 camera angles into a single volumetric/holographic video, compress gigantic files into real-time streamable formats, and an editing tool that works seamlessly with industry-leading 3D tools like Maya.


Everything you need to securely publish, store, share, and stream your holograms to any device or browser including smartphones, tablets, desktops, and VR + MR headsets. Natively integrate holograms to projects on Unity, Unreal, WebXR and 8thWall. We support video on-demand and real-time holograms.

Bonobos Volumetric Video Model on Iphone App

Use Cases


Take your events, keynotes, and marketing to the next level through powerful + personal immersive experiences.


With hologram performances, everyone gets a front row seat to their favorite bands, artists, and shows.


Teleport your team or classroom into realistic simulations to learn, practice, and master skills using holograms.


Redefine how shoppers discover, try-on, purchase, and share their favorite products using holograms.

Case Studies

Case Studies

The future is already here – It’s just not evenly distributed.

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Real-Time Holograms: The Wave of the Future

About 8i

At 8i, we are a team of dreamers, builders, scientists, and tinkerers. We’re fascinated by the potential for holograms to completely revolutionize how people connect with each other. How we live. How we learn. How we play.


Our mission as a team is to empower people to deliver the revolutionary potential of holograms to their industries far and wide, ranging from communication and education all the way to entertainment and commerce.


We’re proud that 8i is the only company to bring a patented immersive holographic technology, diverse, experienced technical team and end-to-end technology solutions that can capture, compress, edit, distribute, and stream volumetric 3D video across any device in the world.