8i and 8th Wall Unlock Livestreaming Holograms in WebAR

Last week, on October 14th, 2021, history was made on our hologram capture stage here in Venice, CA. 8i’s CEO Hayes Mackaman and the CEO of 8th Wall, Erik Murphy-Chutorian, the leader in browser-based augmented reality, joined forces to deliver the The World’s First Live-Streamed Hologram Interview.

About the Event - World’s First Live-streamed Hologram Interview

Hosted on zoom, we debuted our newest product “Real-Time Holograms” which represents a fundamental advancement in volumetric video technology as it enables customers to capture, transform, and stream holograms across any device in augmented, virtual, or mixed reality within milliseconds.
Creating volumetric video is historically an arduous process that sometimes took weeks to render. However, the new launch of Real-Time Holograms enables people to be broadcast live in 3D and therefore unlocks a new way of content consumption, enabling participants to literally choose their viewpoint, zoom in and out, or even walk around the performer, speaker or presenter depending on which way they choose to interact — be it through your web browser, augmented reality or virtual reality.

Senior VP of Growth for Media Monks and a leading voice in XR, Catherine D Henry, moderated the event and led the CEOs through topics spanning from company origins, the importance and significance of this new technology, and how we’re focused on bringing real people — not avatars — to immersive digital worlds. Combined with 8th Wall’s powerful AR engine which enables high quality, interactive augmented reality experiences to work in the browser, livestreaming holograms can be accessed on nearly 3.5 billion iOS and Android devices with no app required to download.

From their phones, viewers were able to visualize the speakers in their own spaces and literally walk around them. Viewable from any angle, this creates an immersive and personal experience that makes the hologram feel as if they are there with them in their physical space.
Similarly, audience members who chose to access the content from their desktops were able to stream the 3D video from any angle. And those who opted to experience the interview via VR headset were pretty much right here in the office with us.
All audience members, no matter how they chose to attend, had the opportunity to participate in the live Q&A that concluded the program.

Use Cases for Live Broadcast Holograms

The use cases and benefits of real-time holograms are expansive, and include: immersive keynotes and presentations, live 3D concerts and performances, live sports and entertainment events in 3D, immersive training and education experiences, personal fitness, live immersive shopping, and beyond.
Viewers can see a performer broadcast live inside of an immersive VR scene while wearing a head mounted display (HMD), watch it through any web browser from any angle, or experience the performer in their physical space through augmented reality on their smartphone or tablet. Additionally, our adaptive bitrate streaming means that users will receive the best quality version of your volumetric video for the connection they are using to engage with your experience

Watch The Hologram Interview

It’s not too late to relive last week’s experience. Simply press play below.

If you want to experience the Hologram Interview in your very own space using your smartphone, scan this QR code here below.

8i Hologram Interview QR

Get Started with 8i + 8th Wall

To set up a demo or discover ways that Real-Time Holograms can revolutionize your business or industry, please contact us at hi@8i.com.

To get started developing with 8th Wall, the leader in browser-based augmented reality, reach out to licensing@8thwall.com or sign up for a 14-day free trial here.

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