How Brands Will Engage Consumers in the Age of VR and AR

Branded VR and AR content is the low hanging fruit.

Bonobos Volumetric Video Model on Iphone App

Know where your target audience is most likely to engage.

Loreal hairdresser and client 8i Capture Stage

Look for cross-platform opportunities to maximize opportunities to maximize distribution.

As the rate of VR and AR content consumption increases, brands are starting to look at how to engage audiences with innovative 3D content no matter what device or interface they’re using. We’re seeing brands experiment with VR to create entertaining or educational branded content, such as our partner L’Oreal’s recently announced VR program for Maxim University. Next year we’ll start to see L’Oreal and other brands leverage AR as a way to compliment and extend the reach of VR content to an exponentially larger mobile audience.

Volumetric Video Loreal Hairdresser and Client in VR Hair Studio

Off-line activations can drive online and social engagement.

It’s great to start having these discussions with heads of digital and innovation at global consumer and entertainment brands as its clear this is a entirely new area that companies are excited about. If you’re a VR/AR startup, make sure to find a brand to partner with who understands the rules have not been written…a partner who’s willing to experiment, take some calculated risks, and even make some mistakes along the way. These are the brands who will help write the next chapter in consumer engagment across our new digital realities.

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